Energetic House Cleaning

Preparing for Company:

Are you wanting to attract someone special into your home but not having much success? If so, then consider changing the energy of your dwelling. An energetic reading of your home and suggestions on how to change the vibration will help invite the companionship you desire into your life.

Setting the Space:

Are you about to move into a new space, but are concerned about the energy that exists in you new home? Are you feeling the need to change the vibration of you current home in the same way you would redecorate or move furniture? An energetic reading of your home will give you the information you need to help set up your space in a fresh way.

Clearing Bad Vibes & Unwanted Guests:

Traumatic events in a home leave lasting and unsettling vibrations. Former residents who suffered depression, loneliness, domestic violence, drug addiction or alcohol abuse can set a vibration that may be hard to shake. Death by overdose or suicide can result in a palpable feeling of dread and sadness in the home. Sometimes, the spirit of the departed lingers and needs help to go to his or her true home. This requires a thorough energetic cleaning.  If you are a landlord who wants a fresh start in your rental, or you just bought a home that needs a serious energetic reboot, give me a call.

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