Who am I ?

I am Cigdem, therapist for several years. I have always been interested in the universe that surrounds us and in which everyone lives their existence. I was looking for my place and my life mission. This is how my quest began: I first graduated from the Faculty of Sport in Paris in the field of adapted physical activity. I worked with people with disabilities, and very quickly I realized the limit of my know-how to accompany them as best as possible.

This is why I studied osteopathy, I graduated from a private school in Paris with a 5-year training combining courses and clinic consultations. I did my thesis on the management of patients in post-cardiac surgery in osteopathy through the collaboration of the head of the cardiology department of the Pitié Salpêtrière hospital. This dissertation led to a long collaboration with the Professor. We had the same goal, to relieve and support our patients as best we could. In my interviews with my patients, I noted that psychological and dietary factors played an important role in their recovery. That’s why I did training in hypnotherapy and Ayurvedic medicine.

At the same time, I volunteered in an association where osteopathic care was provided to disabled children, orphans in France and Morocco. This period was so enriching humanly. I experienced the power of love and its effect on the human. I met beautiful people, inspiring, joyful, who gave themselves the means to realize their dreams, regardless of their difficulties. Each period of my life has led me to dig even deeper, which is how I became interested in energetic and transgenerational tools. They helped me to raise awareness and get out of a number of family patterns that had been repeated for generations.

To finally be at peace with my family history, with mine and especially with Me. The goal of my approach is for patients to know each other and to be autonomous in their lives. I have the tools that will allow them to understand who they are and – if they wish – change what prevents them from being happy, and improve what needs to be for that purpose. The “silk path” is very beautiful, and if you read these lines it is because you are ready and on the way! Whether with me or another person, I wish you to walk in all confidence, kindness and love.