Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki Initiations

The initiations are done on request, and in small groups that I form according to its energetic coherence, so that they take place in the best conditions.It can also be done one to one if required.

– Usui Reiki Usui Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui. It is a method for everyone to develop their spiritual strength. It makes it possible to appeal to the inherent natural resources (psychological and physical balance, serenity, strength of character…) that each person has in him to face life and flourish fully.

It is inscribed beyond cultural beliefs and belongings, functioning on all beings. It is based on the alliance of meditation and touch that connect the person to himself by allowing him to seek in him his natural capacities and resources to face the difficulties he may encounter. Thus, it leads the person to autonomy.

– Reiki Karuna (the Reiki of Compassion) is a system developed by William L. Rand with the help of other Reiki Masters. Its energy is different from that of Usui Reiki, most students find it more powerful. It is perceived in a way of its own and operates on all energy bodies simultaneously. It also promotes rootedness. To be initiated, you must first be initiated to the first three levels of Reiki Usui.

Each initiation level takes place over a single day.

It is necessary that we have a telephone discussion to get to know each other, and that I explain in more detail your initiation day and the rates.

Looking forward to initiating you.

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