Connecting with your Guides

The connection with your guides is an experience with a Being of Light commonly called Guardian Angel. The latter, having contributed to the planning of our life mission, knows everything about our soul, our evolution and the lessons we have come to learn on Earth.

In this inner journey, you will be guided to connect with your Guide to feel his energy and presence. You will also have the opportunity to receive information and advice on some of the challenges you are experiencing, or to bring out elements in your consciousness about your current stage of growth, to help you move forward on your soul path.

Any frustration or impatience, any negative inner dialogue will necessarily have a counterproductive effect. Learn to cultivate this confidence in life by practicing with sincerity and things will manifest naturally, at the right pace.

I already hear some of you, “but I’m not capable, how can I be sure ? Is it really them ? Maybe I hear what I want to hear ? » For others, “with everything I’ve been through, if I had a protector it would be known ? » Anyone is able to connect with the Beings of Light, no need to be “special”, we all are. It requires you to open up, trust yourself and trust them.

I understand you, I went through it, I was angry and more than skeptical about their existence.

Life is full of surprises, the experiences I have had have removed my last doubts. Today, the Beings of Light are part of my daily life. I am mindfully living this connection and I am filled with gratitude to them.

I thank life for making me live these difficulties, which allowed me to be who I am today.

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