The forgiveness

Forgiveness is a real gift to offer ourselves and to all those around us throughout our lives. It is essential to continue to advance on the path of oneself. It is an act of healing because it allows us to become better, wiser, detached from events, compassionate, courageous and loving.

Even if it remains an essential and unavoidable act, according to our deep convictions, it is not easily given. As Nelson Mandela said so well, “When you forgive you don’t change the past but you certainly change the future.”

Forgiveness must be pure, sincere. Be honest with yourself, you have to be ready to send unconditional love to yourself and the other.

When we are under the influence of one or more wounds, maintaining resentment is energy-intensive. We forgive first for ourselves, to soothe ourselves… The other doesn’t need to know.

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