The family constellation

It is a method of transgenerational family therapy based on the updating of the family unconscious through role plays and psychodramas that have the power to resolve conflicts. The objective is to restore order in this system, to allow everyone to assume their share of responsibility and to return to their place. It sheds light on events that are believed to be forgotten and their hidden implications. The people chosen as representatives of the members of the system, will sometimes feel intense emotions giving indications of what may have played out in the past or is repeated in the present. Once the problem is brought to light, it can be repaired by specific gestures or words that relieve discomfort and change the pattern. The acceptance of the past, understood as recognition of an offence against the natural order, tends to exempt the person and his family from reproduction.

When you start this kind of work, it is you, your ancestors, the present generation and the one to come that you liberate.

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