Transgenerational Healing

Transgenerational memories are those transmissions that take place from generation to generation, within the same family. Through this process, it is the family history that continues, mainly in terms of pain and blockages. Sometimes the origin of such a legacy can be very distant in the lineage and totally ignored by the current generation. It is also often a secret, an unspoken that persists, such as trauma or unresolved grief, but always present. When we look at his family tree, we can see that certain dates, first names, events or trades are repeated in history, and this over several generations. This repetition will be both a continuity of the history of the family but also an illogic, that of reliving today what belonged to yesterday…..

Thus, whether it is an unfulfilled mourning, abuse, violence or trauma experienced in previous generations, they will leave psychological, energetic and emotional traces, even physical among their descendants. It is then that the “birthdays” or the repetitions of first names for example, will come to symbolize the link with the ancestor and the unsolved problems. This ancestor still seeks to have a place in this family since his “problems” of the time are not solved, or even not known to his descendants. The goal is to liberate yourself and your ancestors, the current generation and the one to come. It is a personal and transgenerational healing. It is a beautiful gift that you give yourself and that you give to them.

As you can imagine, it is a work that is done in depth and requires time and patience, a lot of tolerance and love towards yourself and your family history.
Between each session it takes a minimum of 3 to 6 weeks apart, during which the effects last. At the beginning of the process, regular monitoring is recommended in order to induce and consolidate awareness and the changes made.

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