Energetic Healing

Energetic healing is the use of the vital energy that surrounds us, its capture and transmit it as “purely” as possible by hands imposition. We transmit this energy of unconditional love that harmonizes and balances the energy flow of body and mind.

Behind every difficult situation, of malaise, there are related emotions, which carry an energetic load and influence the physiological functioning of your body. When they are beautiful emotions they do us good, but when they are negative emotions, many of us tend to stifle them. These energies are stored in our body and energy care allows you to free yourself from them. It unties knots, blockages and stress both mental and physical.

This type of session is recommended for any healthy person but especially for sick people, as well as people who live stressful situations in their daily lives. Don’t wait until you get over or get sick to take care of yourself.

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