This tool places the patient in a modified state of consciousness that makes it possible to mobilize the buried memories and deep resources of the unconscious in order to identify the cause. It is used to work on self-confidence, smoking cessation, phobias, weight loss, stress management, mental preparation for an exam, competition or interview…

The session begins with a half-hour interview to target your problem followed by an explanation of the course of the treatment.

Different techniques are used: visualization, relaxation, breathing to bring the patient into a hypnotic relaxation, then post-hypnotic suggestions are made. I inform you that during a hypnosis session you are aware of what is happening. It is in no way “hypnosis show”, as we can see in some shows.

It will be done in sweetness and serenity.

You should know that one session is not enough, an appointment every two weeks will be necessary at the beginning to solve your problem.

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