It is a manual therapy that helps the body regain its homeostasis. It applies to the whole body, for different disorders or chronic diseases (such as ear infections, sinusitis, constipation, migraines…) or injuries (sprain, post-operative management,…) of the different systems that make it up.

It is suitable for adults, children and infants as well as animals.

The session is done in listening and respect what and who you are (physically, emotionally, mentally,…). I most often work gently with tissue and fluidic techniques. I may also use the structural work (called cracking) in some cases.

I always explain what I’m doing, because I feel it’s your body, and you have a right to know.

During the sessions I also work in psycho-emotional, I ask questions that will allow you to put words on your ailments and release the emotions that can be buried in your body and that are at the origin of your pain.

At the end of the consultation, I give you some advice. There is a 15-day interval between each consultation. This deadline is important to respect if you want to have an optimal result of healing, otherwise your ailment will be relieved but only temporarily.

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